Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Girl out of her Comfort Zone

This summer, I have the opportunity to go on an exposure trip to San Jose, Costa Rica for 13 days. Serving the locals along side an organization called Students International. We will get to serve at multiple sites participating in wood shop, education, women's social work, and sports! I'm thrilled that I have the privilege of co-leading this trip with my friend Patrick. Our team is amazing! They have hearts that are pursing a lifestyle of serving others. We are all so excited to be sent to Costa Rica to love and serve!

A question that others have been asking and that I have asked myself sometimes: why missions? Well, on a Sunday night at the Well Community church, our pastor shared that the Well was sending out 4 missions trips for this upcoming summer. I'm pretty sure he called me out by name from the stage. Ok, not exactly my name, but he might as well have used my name and pointed me out. I felt so convicted. Ya know, that pit in your stomach that seems to grow? I mean, I love to serve those around me, so why wouldn't I go? Then thoughts crept into my mind... 'Won't this be expensive?' 'I'm sure other people will go, so do I really need too?' 'Will my husband be okay without me, will I be okay without him?' Yes, these are all real thoughts that crept into my mind. And for a moment, I thought those silly thoughts were my "way out".  

I wrestled with these feelings of conviction of being sent to share my spiritual gifts, and loving on these people. Feeling the Holy Spirit tug at my heart, and me hold up my excuses as if they held any form validity to not go. My poor husband must of thought I had lost my mind! 

3 days later, I remember telling my pastor 'I'm in, send me.' 

The moment it all came clear, was when I remembered that it's not about me. That is when I knew my excuses were just that, excuses. God doesn't take excuses, its not like we can ask for a free pass on his plan, if it doesn't "fit into our schedule". We need to choose to be obedient, and choose to trust in His plan for us. Those excuses held no control over me as I chose to follow the calling the Lord placed on my heart.  It's not about my routine in my life, or my comfort.  I have an opportunity to be sent.  To go and serve and love.  What else could I do better with my time than to glorify Lord? 

This adventure excites me!  When I think about the women I get to spend time with, and the children I get to go love on,  I am filled with joy. I mean, I'm really excited about the sports that these children will teach me, because Lord knows I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to sports.

But really, I'm looking forward to connecting with the people, experiencing their culture, hearing their stories and serving them.

Matthew 28:19

from my heart,

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