Monday, April 14, 2014

Green Thumb

Happy Monday! So, I have been attempting my "green thumb" by growing some veggies. It has also been a hobby that my mother really enjoys. She loves spending time outdoors and loves growing all kinds of plants. One year, she even attempted pumpkins! So now that I am a married lady, I have been wanting a new hobby for myself. I'm trying this out. Usually I can't keep plants alive. Its tragic, but its the truth. So I did some research and made a promise to water them and give them attention. I'm really hoping for these plants to flourish!

So here is what I have planted; tomato's, green bell pepper's, red bell pepper's and cucumbers!

I can't wait to see what comes from them. I'll post an update on my "garden" once things start to happen! I hope I have good things to share.

Have you tried growing any veggies? What is your favorite to grow?

from my heart,


  1. Aw I love this! Growing up on the farm, we always had a small vegetable garden. My favorite was the green beans, mom loved sugar on her fresh tomatoes and dad ate the radishes and onions right out of the ground! Now you have to learn how to can ;) ... or is that a dying practice? Good luck!

  2. We planted our veggie garden about 3 weeks or so ago. We planted tomatoes,bell peppers, eggplant,zucchini, squash, jalapeƱos and basil!