Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Love Tank

Lately I have been reflecting on things that fill me. Those sweet things that bring me joy that I like to do for myself. Sounds a bit selfish, but its not! Just as a car needs gas in its tank to move forward, we need to be sure to do healthy things that fill our tanks to be able to pour out and care for others! Of course I've asked around to some girl friends asking what fills them when they are drained, or on empty. I have heard a lot of different things like, going for a drive, going hiking, taking a bath, writing in a journal, going for a run. You get the picture, healthy things that they personally enjoy!

For me, it's a day with no agenda. I know, why not take an arm and a leg...  A few weekends ago my husband and I had a whole weekend together with no agenda! Yeah, okay so it was kind of a planned "no agenda".  Meaning, we intentionally made NO plans and did that so we could spend this intentional time with one another. We have pretty full schedules and weekends are our days where we covet the uninterrupted time to spend intentionally with one another. So this extra time was amazing.

I know it must sound strange to think that I'm married to him, so I must see him all the time. Well, yes, I do. However, I'm talking about intentional time with one anther. No distractions, no time frames. Lets be honest, after a full day I sometimes come home and try not to fall asleep while we talk about our days. Just like I plan time for my friends and intentionally pursue their friendships, my husband and I pursue our marriage. Its something I pray we wholeheartedly pursue daily. I try and strive to do this.

It was nothing crazy, or over the top. We pretty much stayed in PJs. We watched movies, went to the food trucks and just got to be silly with one another. It was sooo good for us to be refreshed in this way! My hubs, Lee, is my best friend and I love when I have intentional time with him. Its not hard for me to want to spend time with my husband, but life happens and sometimes we have fuller days.

It makes me realize just how much I truly cherish our time together. Its always a fun question when people, married or not, ask me what my favorite thing about marriage is. It truly is just time with Lee. Time to be silly with him, time to be serious, time to just sit and be, and of course time to serve him. I feel as though there have been so many wonderful things I've learned about marriage and being a wife. I mean, I can't believe there was a time in my life that I didn't want to be married, but that is a story for another time. ;)

Some photos from our relaxing weekend. In photo one Remy wasn't ready. Don't worry she was ready in photo two.

So, what fills your love tank and have you taken time to fill yourself up this week?
I want to encourage you to ask someone in your life if they have taken time to "fill their tank" this week.

from my heart,

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