Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Full Plates

Hypothetically speaking let's say I have a friend, we will call her Sue. Sue likes keeping busy, she enjoys being around others. If she could she would have coffee with everyone. Sue never likes to say no to invites, even if she really doesn't have time. Sue likes to keep her weeks full, and rarely take a break.

I'm Sue. I've struggled and sometimes still do struggle with time management. I can be overcommitted. I like every hour of my day planned and filled. I do not enjoy telling people "no" which has left me at times, stretched thin. Over months of learning the hard way, and left feeling exhausted, I've learned how to say "no" and admitting to people I have a hard time saying this word. I would run around looking like one of those chickens with their heads cut off running off to the next thing. The Bible clearly points out that Jesus often took time away. It says in Mark and Luke that Jesus often withdrew to be alone. As much as I love my time spent with others, there are times where I need to be alone. To reflect, to sit in quiet. The best part is that its totally okay.

One of the worst things we can do is to tell someone yes, but in your head you are saying no. Matthew 5, encourages us to make the word yes mean yes, and the word no mean no. In other words do not commit to something you shouldn't. Especially if it is just to please others. Instead, take the time to check yourself, check your time, and check your intentions.

I've learned how to plan time with others in healthy ways and have learned that people won't and should't be upset if I do say no. My plate doesn't get bigger over time, I have the same 24 hours a day as everyone else. So the more aware of time management I am, the better life will be.

What does time management look like for you?  How do you balance life?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

from my heart,

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