Thursday, August 28, 2014

Playing Catch Up


I feel like it has been forever. Probably because it has been!

It has been a busy season!

1. Packing our apartment. Who knew we had so much stuff?!
2. Traveling out of the country to Costa Rica, and returning to the States while sifting through what God did in my heart! Intense!
3. Un-packing a condo. Boxes, boxes everywhere...
4. Celebrating 1 year of marriage !!!!!
5. Gearing up for a new lifegroup with a new group of ladies!

So yeah, a busy season indeed!

Lets catch up, shall we?!

1. Packing our tiny apartment seemed to be never ending. The Hubs and I made a deal that I would pack up the apartment and he would move us while I was traveling. I'M NEVER MOVING AGAIN. Ya hear me? I'll be here until I die. Or we will just hire movers next time. But seriously, half the time I was packing I would ask myself if it would just be easier to get rid of everything and buy new stuff. Of course that isn't logical. I just decided moving wasn't something I love. Or packing for that matter. Here is what our living room looked like mid chaos. Don't mind Remy being silly.

2. Traveling to Costa Rica with a team of 12 for an exposure trip was something that was definitely the highlight of my summer. While my husband was state side I had many take-aways from my time in Costa Rica. One of the take aways being how relational the locals are. I thought I would consider myself a relational person. I was wrong. They don't have time limits, in their words they don't put God on a clock. If they are having coffee and sweet bread with someone they don't immediately leave as soon as their coffee is gone or after their hour is up. They seek out relationships and are the most intentional with their time! Don't get me wrong I love sitting down with someone over coffee and having great conversations, but on a bad day coffee for an hour is simply that. It can become a routine, and it can lack intentionality.  Another take away was seeing some crazy stuff. Heartbreaking things things that were happening next door to the school I was at or things that happened directly to the children I was spending my time with. However, knowing these things happen daily right where I am in Fresno. I may not seem them daily, but what does that look like in my own life to go to the places in Fresno and see it daily? To be reminded that my sweet little life is not just about me. That God can use me in my own city in many ways, as He did in Costa Rica. God did some work in my heart, and He continues to remind me of my time in Costa Rica. while I was in Costa Rica I was a friend, a hugger, a roommate, a coffee drinker, a listener, a terrible Spanish speaker, a servant, a heartbroken mess over these children, and a leader. I'm thankful for the little reminders of my summer there! 
This is a photo of my team while I was away! I love these people so much! They have so much love to share and such servant hearts!

3. Un-packing  condo is hard. Finding new homes for everything is even harder. Our condo is much bigger than our teny-tiny apartment which means, more furniture and stuff. Its a slow process and my dear Husband is pacing me! I'm looking forward to having each room complete. Another goal for this next season of life! I'll have to share photos when its closer to completion. 

4. Celebrating 1 whole year of marriage with my amazing Hubs! We celebrated by driving to Visalia for some Tiki Snow which was a treat we grabbed after we got married. Best treat on a super hot day! We have BIGGER plans coming up! We are traveling to New York! We decided to wait until October to go. Cooler weather, and some time to settle from my return and moving! We are the most excited and I can't wait for this super fun adventure to come!

5. Life group! Life groups are what my church encourages everyone to join for intentional community. The group I am co-leading is for girls specifically. We start next month and I could not be more excited! I know I have been gifted to lead, and I am very excited to come off the bench from not leading a group this previous year. The new group I am in has a handful of ladies I already know and some faces I do not know. Regardless, I am THRILLED to get to know each and every one of them on a deeper level. I am praying for authenticity, trust and over all to invest in one another's lives while diving into the scriptures!

So thats been my life and a little glimpse as to what is to come! 

From my heart,

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